Matt Cahill believes that each of us is inextricably linked with the world around us, and that by shifting the way we pay attention to that world, we can find the deep inner beauty, truth, and peace that has been waiting both outside and inside of us all along. His quest to find, live, create, and share that deep inner beauty, truth, and peace has drawn labyrinthine lines through traditional professions and art forms. One constant is that there is always music, play, and movement.

His professions include actor, singer, model, writer, director, choreographer, artistic director, administrator, producer, and teacher. His art forms include film, television, physical theater, musical theater, concert, opera, movement, and the Alexander Technique. As Le Monde in Paris declared, “you really want to hear him in either an opera or a musical. He has a big presence, a warm baritone voice, immense humanity, and the gift of an actor.”